What Makes Summer So Bad?

It never fails. The weather gets nicer and it seems like students end up outside more than they do in our martial arts schools. Summertime comes around and a lot of schools see slow downs. It doesn't have to be this way. What if you could make this summer the best yet?

We have something to help you with the summer slowdown

Introducing the Summer Success Toolkit

Summer Success Toolkit

The Summer Success Toolkit is a package of systems that will help you thrive through the summer. The toolkit is made up of three parts Student Acquisition, Student Retention and Classroom Helpers.

Never again feel like summer has to be slow. Never again feel like you can't rely on your own business to provide you with the cash you need to survive the summer. When you use the Summer Success Toolkit and put into practice its contents, you will retain students and pick up new ones.

Not only will your summer be a success, but you will enjoy your summer as well. This toolkit is great for schools of all sizes. Run it yourself or have your instructor team or program manager put it into place and let your team work through it.

The best part is, is that the Summer Success Toolkit contains many tools that are already done-for-you. You just have to implement it!

The Summer Success Toolkit Contains all the necessary things to make your summer a success!

What's Included in the Summer Success Toolkit?


Student Acquisition

The Summer Success Toolkit contains systems, tools, and marketing materials for gaining new students. Systems for things like: summer membership drawings and articles for local publications.


Student Retention

Retention is one of the biggest challenges to thrive during the summer. The toolkit contains systems and tools to help with retention. Utilize things like: popsicles in the park, summer open houses, and home challenges.

classroom help

Classroom Tips

The toolkit also contains many things to help make your classes so fun and engaging kids will want to be on your mat more than off of it! This will not only help with retention, but also student acquisition!

Get the Summer Success Toolkit Now

for Only a single payment of $99!

You can get the Summer Success Toolkit for only a single payment of $99! Get done-for-you tools for student retention, student acquisition, and classroom helpers now!

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